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Our Day Spa is ranked
as one of the best &
top day spa for skin care
& facials by master estheticians
located in Alexandria
within 5 miles of Fairfax,
Washington DC,
Arlington & Maryland

Skin Care
All facials are performed using the finest European skincare products Guinot of Paris found only in exclusive spas around the world.
The top estheticians perform skin care such as microdermabrasion facial, hydradermie facial, beaute neuve fruit peel facial, teen facial, couples facial, back facial, men’s facial and facial massage.

All Fountains Day Spa estheticians are State Board Certified Estheticians
Come by and see Suzanne, Francis, Erin, Kelly, Danielle H or Danielle C.

Mini Facial 25 min. $63.00
No time to treat your face to the works? Target your problem areas quickly and affordably with a mini facial, created especially for people on the go.
This refreshing, half-hour visit gently and efficiently gets right to the problem points on the skin, and tops it off with a quick rejuvenating of your face for an all-day glow.
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Hydraclean Facial 25 min. $68.00
Hydraclean Facial uses the patented Thermoclean Electrode to offer spa enthusiasts glowing skin in half the time of a standard facial. Regulated heat from the patented Thermoclean Electrode works with an individually prescribed gel to trigger hyper-secretion of the sweat and sebaceous glands to clean the pores and rid the skin of oil and toxins. Extractions are performed and the skin is left feeling clearer, brighter, hydrated, and able to breathe.
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Men's Hydradermie 55 min. $105.00
Our flagship hydradermie customized for a man’s skin. This treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, oxygenation and extractions to thoroughly clean skin and remove surface impurities and dullness.
Next, a relaxing massage performed on neck, shoulders, and face to improve circulation while relaxing tense muscles. A mask is then applied to tighten pores, leaving skin and beard area soft and refreshed. Finishing off with a moisturizer to protect and soften.
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Hydradermie 55 min. $105.00
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Our flagship facial. The Hydradermie is a spectacular treatment with an international reputation, which focuses on infusing nourishing, hydrating, and anti-aging ingredients penetrate deep into the epidermis by the use of a mild galvanic current. The result is skin that looks smooth, rested, and glowing, as if you had just returned from a holiday.
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Aromatic Facial 45 min. $105.00
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Relaxing treatment with plant extracts. Custom blended for individual needs.
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Beaute Neuve Facial 50 min. $110.00
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An intensive exfoliation with a 'peeling effect', which results in fresh, new skin. The Beaute Nueve targets dull, sallow complexions, fine lines, and sun-damaged skin through the action of fruit acids and fruit enzymes.
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Liftosome Facial 50 min. $115.00
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An incredible lifting and toning effect that instantly makes the skin look more youthful. The skin receives a vitamin-enriched serum and self-heating mask that goes to the heart of the epidermis to tighten the elastic fibers and invigorates all cellular functions.
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Back Facial 55 min. $127.00
Improve the appearance and tone of the skin with our customized back hydradermie. Minor to major back breakouts are calmed as muscles are relaxed. This relaxing treatment is a deep cleansing and de-stressing treatment specifically designed for the back and shoulder area. Includes exfoliation, extractions and customized mask.
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Super Hydradermie 80 min. $139.00
This facial, combining the internationally renowned ionization techniques of the Hydradermie with the peeling effect of the Beaute Nueve, results in skin that is clean, hydrated, firm and toned, and free of dead cells.
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Ultra Hydradermie 80 min. $157.00
For the client who really loves to be pampered, this facial is it. Including all the benefits of the hydradermie facial plus targeting the neck eyes and face. Lymphatic drainage neck shoulder and arm massage conclude the treatment.
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MicroDermabrasion 55 min. $171.00
Our most intensive peeling treatment. With the use of varying degrees of controlled air pressure and vacuum, aluminum oxide crystals are gently blown onto the skin, resulting in a reduction of surface wrinkles, and a refinement of scarring, large pores, and pigmented areas.
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Fountains Day Spa is proud to offer the most advanced spa facials for maintaining a healthy youthful complexion. Introducing Guinot’s revolutionary LIFT series of facials.

The Lift 55 min. $146.00
click here to view Hydradermie Lift Video
This treatment targets areas where wrinkles are most evident. A gentle micro current stimulates facial muscles to tighten and tone resulting in an immediate long lasting natural lift.
For best results scheduling should be done in a series of 6 treatments.
Instead, micro currents are used to stimulate and strengthen the muscles around the eyes mouth chin and neck. The results are remarkable. You will be stunned by the immediate and long-lasting lifting effects.
Age and muscle tone decides the frequency of treatments. Call for more information.
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Eye Lift 25 min. $78.00
A non-invasive anti-aging treatment for the eyes. This treatment uses the latest spa technology to tighten, tone and smooth the skin around the eyes.
While widening the eye contour, reducing puffiness and under eye shadows.
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Neck Lift 25 min. $78.00
The LIFT creates firmer skin tone through muscle stimulation, creating a firmer more radiant appearance. In just 30 minutes, this treatment revitalizes and promotes oxygenation to the neck and decolletage areas.
While widening the eye contour, reducing puffiness and under eye shadows.
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All facials are performed using the finest European skincare products Guinot of Paris found only in exclusive spas around the world.

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