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Treatments for Men
In addition to our other spa service. The Fountains Day Spa has designed these treatments for men.

Men's Hydradermie 55 min. $105.00
Our flagship hydradermie customized for a man’s skin. This treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, oxygenation, extractions, to thoroughly clean skin and remove surface impurities and dullness.
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Sole Relaxation—Foot Massage 25 min. $55.00
First feet are wrapped in hot steamed towels, soaked in essential oil of peppermint to stimulate and sooth while applying pressure to points on the feet, relaxing the entire body. A massage follows on feet and lower legs using rich creams to soften and sooth. A little piece of heaven!
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Back Massage 25 min. $67.00
Hot towels are applied to back and shoulders to sooth and release tension. Massage is then performed on neck, head, and back concentrating on areas where tension is most often stored in shoulders, neck, and low back.
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Waxing Service
Using the finest ingredients—for the removal of unwanted hair with great results.

Back Waxing 30–45 min. From $80.00
Brow Wax 15 min. $23.00

Spa Packages for Men
Treat yourself and take time to slow down and experience relaxing and stress-releasing treatments at our spa.

Body Renewal 2 Hrs. $227.00
This package is designed to restore balance and harmony. Men's Hydradermie, Sole Relaxation, and Back Massage.
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Mini Getaway 1 Hr. 30 min. $160.00
Experience a bit of heaven for a lunchtime getaway or after a hard workday. Includes a Men's Hydradermie and a Sole Relaxation treatment.
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Executive Retreat 2 Hr. 20 min. $264.00
For the man who needs to unwind, this package offers results and supreme relaxation. Men's Hydradermie, Sole Relaxation, and Full-Body Massage.
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